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Multiple Streams of Income

The biggest & most important asset your family has right now is the ability to earn income. It’s also a highly concentrated asset. 😬


How to mitigate that risk?

1. Have an emergency fund at the ready

2. Consider long term disability insurance



Whether that’s a small side hustle, second job, small business, or other industry credentials/certifications that you keep up, it all adds up and helps!


This is how we’re setting up multiple streams of income (despite having one full time breadwinner - which is not me!):

➕Husband full time job

➕Me: part time financial planning services (remotely!)

➕Me: Small business on Amazon @bradshawandpalmer

➕Renting out our cabin on @Airbnb

➕Me: courses and books on personal finance via @plan.bay


Don’t think your small idea is unimportant because it isn’t to the same scale as a full time job. It 👏🏻ALL 👏🏻ADDS 👏🏻 UP 💪🏻

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